NRA Certified Training Courses

Goal: To Teach the Knowledge, Skill and Attitude Necessary for Owning and Using Firearms. or call/text (347) 685-2476.


NRA Classes Available:

Pistol $200
Rifle $200
Shotgun $225
Muzzleloading Pistol $200
Muzzleloading Rifle $200
Muzzleloading Shotgun $200
Range Safety Officer $200
Metallic Cartridge and Shotshell Reloading $200

Home Firearm Safety

This is a non-shooting class and can be conducted in Brookly, NY or Clifton NJ

Personal Protection Inside the Home $300
Personal Protection Outside the Home $300
Defensive Pistol $300

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All classes conducted privately by appointment.

Non-NRA Advanced Defensive Shooting Courses : Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun- $300 each


NON-NRA Training

Private Training for Beginners in Tactical Defensive Shooting


-Training can be conducted on your property or local range.

-Classes held in Poconos, Pennsylvania will be at the Range and students will be able to complete the live fire training on the same day.

-Upon completion of the course, students will receive an NRA Completion Certificate. This certificate is nationally recognized.

-NRA Basic or First Steps Pistol Courses are often required in various states to purchase handguns or obtain a Licence to Carry Concealed or Open.

-NRA certificate courses are often required for Armed Security Jobs, to attend various police academies or to gain employment as a military contractor.

-Email to reserve a seat and receive directions from PA, NY, NJ, OH, Canada. or anywhere else.

-Students may also inquire about possible alternate days that will fit their schedules.

-The class size is kept small so that it is highly interactive and enjoyable. The classes are taught by a Certified NRA Instructor.

-Experienced shooters should learn to reload ammunition. Reloading saves ammunition cost and improves accuracy.

-Near New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Canada. Within two hours of NYC and Philadelphia.

-Non-Certificate recreational shooting available too.

(347) 685- 2476

Pocono Shooting Range